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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What exactly does 'port-to-port' mean?
A Port-to-port is the time it takes our delivery driver to depart from Tilton, New Hampshire, make the delivery, and return to Tilton.
Q What's involved in setting up a container at my site?
A The ground needs to be level. Tilton Trailer will prvide 6" x 6" timbers to put at corners. See photos on this web site to see how various units are delivered.
Q What are my site requirements - slope, drainage, trees?
A Your terrain should be reasonably level and firm. Let us know in advance if you think you have low-hanging electrical wires or tree limbs: We require about 15 feet of height to unload a unit.
Q What if a sign about weight limits is POSTED on my road?
A We routinely help our customers get permission from local officials (road agents) to use restricted roads. Generally, this is more of an issue during springtime.
Q Can I rent a container and keep it stored on Tilton Trailer property?
A Yes. Ground-level containers (and box trailers) are available for storage at West Main Street in Tilton and North Main Street in Franklin, New Hampshire. For details select Self Storage in the main menu.
Q Are ground-level containers watertight?
A Container doors are sealed by rubber gaskets, and all containers rest on four 6"x6"x18" timbers. Additionally, containers are inspected for nail and screw holes. However, for maximum protection, you should cover sensitive items with waterproof material.
Q Must I wait for a ground-level container to become available for delivery?
A Generally, containers are delivered within two days of your inquiry. In some cases, same-day delivery is possible.
Q Are rental trailers delivered with stairs?
A Yes, OSHA approved stairs are available for our office trailers (not for box trailers). A small additional monthly charge is added to your bill. Office Containers do not require stairs and often are a better option. For details select Office Trailers in the main menu.
Q After a trailer or container is delivered to my site, do I have an option to purchase it--without it leaving my site?
A Yes. Please call for details.
Q Must I be at the delivery site during delivery?
A We prefer that you be present, to ensure the trailer or container is positioned correctly.
Q What container colors are available?
A Blue, red, gray, green. Please call for availability.
Q What is Tilton Trailer's delivery range?
A Tilton Trailer is not restricted as to where it can do business. Besides New Hampshire, we have delivered trailers and containers to Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. Delivery fees can be found on this web site.
Q How much do I pay for my rental at time of delivery?
A You may pay the delivery driver with cash or check. Or you may pay in advance using Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. At delivery time your initial fees are: first month and last month rent, plus delivery and pickup charges.
Q What is Tilton Trailer's policy regarding ongoing monthly charges?
A Your rental period is 30 days from date of delivery. We send you an invoice approximately two weeks in advance to allow time for mail. Invoicing continues monthly until Tilton Trailer Rental is notified by phone to pick up the rental unit.
Q Does Tilton Trailer Rental supply corrugated boxes, moving dollies and so on?
A No; you would check locally for such items.
Q Are my stored goods insured?
A In all cases, you should consult with your insurance agent. Your monthly rent does not include insurance on stored items.
Q What about short-term rentals less than one month?
A That's possible. The minimum charge is usually 1-month rent. However, you should call for a quote.
Q Are your rentals available for viewing?
A Yes, during normal business hours, or by appointment.
Q How are office trailers furnished?
A Basic furniture includes: Built-in desk with 2-drawer filing cabinet and chair. Let us know if you need a planning table. Generally, it's best to call and give us your specific requirements: Quite a range of interior layouts are available.
Q How much electrical power does an office trailer require?
A Plan on supplying 220 VAC at 60 or 100 Amps.
Q Who makes the electrical connection to an office trailer?
A You or your electrician will make the connection.
Q Can I have a storage container moved after I fill it?
A Usually, no; but if it is a 20' container and the weight is minimal, it may be possible. Call the office to inquire before loading it. Also, consider a registered Box Tailer, which can be moved full.
Q Can I purchase the storage cotainer that I am renting?
A Yes, but rental payments are not applied to the purchase price.
Q Will a generator power an office container?
A 7500 watt generator should provide enough power for a 20' office container. A 10,000 watt generator should provide enough power for a 40' office container. Since electrical demands will vary by customer, we cannot guarantee that these wattages will be sufficient... they are listed merely as a guideline.


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